Efficient 3D Modelling of the Cornea

- Recent Achievement and Results

Fig. 1: The Processed Stroma Keratocytes

a- Preprocessing Stage

Effecient preprocessing Algorithms have been developed and experimented in confocal corneal images.

Fig. 2: Enhancement step, a: original stroma image, b: enhanced image

Fig. 3: Enhancement step, a: original endothelium image, b: enhanced image

b- Classification and Segmentation Stage

Effecient claasification approaches have been developed and tested using differet typyes of features extractions algorithms, promising results have been achieved.

Fig. 4: Processed images sequence. a: original sequence, b: enhanced sequence, c: segmented sequence, d: labelled mapped sequence.

c- Clinical Analysis and Abnormality Detection Stage

Very promising results have been achieved, the results will be published after performaning the testing and validation steps.